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Why Does Bridal Makeup & Hair Cost More?

Bridal makeup and hair services typically cost more than regular makeup and hair services for several reasons.

Firstly, bridal makeup and hair services require a higher level of expertise & experience from your artist. We must be able to create a flawless and long-lasting look that will not only look beautiful in person but also translate well on camera. This involves using specialised techniques and products that can withstand the challenges of a long wedding day.

Secondly, bridal makeup and hair services often involve more time and effort than regular services. Your stylist may spend several hours working with the bride, performing trial runs, and making adjustments to ensure the perfect look.

Thirdly, bridal makeup and hair services often include additional services such as touch-ups throughout the day or even a change of hairstyle or makeup look for the reception. These additional services require extra time and effort from your artist and will often cost a little bit more.

There is also usually more admin involved when it comes to bridal work, personally I love to help my brides if they're unsure of what kind of look they are wanting. So I will sometimes create a shared Pinterest board so we can both pin ideas onto it which makes the trial so much more efficient. Further to this, I will also create an itinerary for the morning of the wedding for the bride to have so they know when each person in their bridal party is in my makeup chair. Some brides prefer to have a call prior to booking which I absolutely welcome, so I will spend more time than usual making sure my brides feel 100% happy upon booking with me.

Lastly, bridal makeup and hair services often include on-site services, which means the artist or stylist must travel to the wedding venue, bringing along all their equipment and supplies. This incurs additional costs such as travel expenses and parking fees.

Overall, bridal makeup and hair services require a higher level of skill, time, and investment from your artist, which is reflected in the higher cost.


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