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Charlie's Natural Wedding Makeup: Fernhurst Lodge, Blackburn - Lancashire

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Natural Wedding Makeup & Boho for Bride in Darwen

The Beautiful Charlie. I had the pleasure of doing Charlie's Wedding Hair & Makeup over the weekend at Fernhurst Lodge, Blackburn.

We didn't have chance to do a trial run for one reason or another so this was the first time I had met Charlie. The brief was that she wanted her makeup to be natural on the skin but her eyes to stand out. With Charlie's hair, she showed me a picture of one I had previously done so I had an idea of what she liked.

So I got to work on the hair first where I created this curled, boho inspired up-do that was placed high on the head to give volume. I curled all the hair to start with and then parted it into two sections which I secured into two ponytails. This really helps with thick hair to keep everything tight, and promotes longevity. i then pinned the hair into this messy (but neat) hairstyle, leaving two pieces down at the front which I curled and set.

With Charlie's makeup there wasn't any pictures of inspiration, just that she wanted it natural with a bit of something on the eyes to make them stand out. So I started off by using my trusty Urban Decay Heat palette to create this warm, smokey eye with a black winged liked and some really natural lashes as Charlie was wearing glasses so I didn't want the false lash to be irritating throughout the day. On the skin I used a mixture of products to make sure it lasted as Charlie had combination, oily skin. I used my Becca glowing primer - which is no longer a thing (boohoo). Then I mixed together Smashbox Full Coverage Foundation and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation to create this natural glow. Charlie explained to me how in the past when she has had her makeup done, her base has been really heavy and often starts to come off soon after having it done. So I applied the foundation in thin layers to build up coverage without making her face feel too heavy. I set the face with MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation as this is amazing for oily skin.

Charlie was over the moon with her natural wedding makeup & hair look which is always a joy to hear and I had such a lovely morning getting her ready for the best day ever!

Please see this gorgeous video of me getting Charlie ready:


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