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Real Weddings | Creating Timeless Elegance: Fiona's Bridal Makeup at Browsholme Hall, Ribble Valley

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Bride with bridesmaids stood outside Browsholme Hall, Ribble Valley
Fiona - Bridal Makeup Ribble Valley

Bride and Bridesmaid looking at iPhone in Clitheroe, Ribble Valley
Fiona & Bridesmaids - Bridal Makeup Ribble Valley

When it comes to wedding day preparations, every detail matters, from the dress to the decor and, of course, the bridal makeup. Fiona's bridal makeup journey in Clitheroe, nestled in the picturesque Ribble Valley, is a tale of beauty, elegance, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The Venue: Browsholme Hall

Ceremony Hall at Browsholme Hall, Ribble Valley
Browsholme Hall

Nestled snugly in the heart of Clitheroe, right within the picturesque Ribble Valley, Browsholme Hall is like a magical time capsule you won't want to miss. This charming ancestral home is surrounded by lush woodlands and gardens that seem straight out of a fairytale. When you step onto its grounds, it's like you're stepping into a storybook – one that's filled with history, beauty, and a whole lot of character. The old stone walls seem to hold secrets from long ago, and you can almost imagine the laughter and stories that have echoed through its hallways. With its Tudor-style architecture, lovely courtyards, and stunning natural backdrop, Browsholme Hall is more than just a place – it's an experience. Whether you're there for a wedding, an event, or simply to soak in the Lancashire charm, this place has a way of making you feel right at home in history.

Fiona's Bridal Vision: Timeless Elegance

From the very beginning, Fiona envisioned a bridal look that would stand the test of time. She wanted of a makeup style that highlighted her natural features while exuding a sense of classic beauty. Fiona's choice of a timeless bridal look was a reflection of her personality – understated yet undeniably elegant.

To bring Fiona's vision to life, she entrusted myself with creating a natural but elegant bridal makeup look. Renowned for my ability to create personalized looks that enhance each bride's unique features, I worked closely with Fiona to understand her preferences, wedding theme, and personal style.

Timeless Beauty Unveiled: Fiona's Bridal Makeup

On the big day, as Ribble Valley's gentle breeze carried the promise of love, Fiona sat down for her makeup application. I applied a light, breathable foundation (Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation) that allowed Fiona's natural beauty to shine through. Soft, neutral tones adorned her eyelids using the Too Faced Sunset Palette, complementing the delicate lace of her wedding gown.

Fiona's eyes sparkled as the makeup artist skillfully crafted an elegant eyeliner, accentuating her eyes' natural shape. A touch of blush added a subtle flush to her cheeks, and a classic natural lip completed the look.

Bride with Bridemaids outside wedding venue in the Ribble Valley, Clitheroe
Fiona & Bridesmaids - Bridal Makeup Ribble Valley

It was an absolute pleasure being part of Fiona's day & creating the perfect bridal makeup look for herself and bridal party. Fiona said the following about her experience with me;

Briony did an amazing job of making me look and feel beautiful on my wedding day. All throughout the booking and trial process she was professional and adaptable, she was happy to make recommendations and changes to make sure my wedding look was perfect. She was always on time, well-prepared and really friendly. I'd happily recommend Briony to any bride x

If you're looking for a Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist in Lancashire, please drop me an email. I am based in Lancashire but do cover the North West. You can contact me here.

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