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Wedding Planning Tips: Choosing your Perfect Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Choosing your perfect bridal hair & makeup artist


I can almost feel how stressful but somewhat enjoyable planning your wedding is. Whether you're having a rustic, boho theme or you're more of a vintage bride, if there's one thing most brides have in common it's that you're most likely going to want your hair and makeup professionally done. But there's so much choice right? It's tricky to navigate, especially if you're not someone who has their makeup/ hair done regularly and isn't aware of the local offerings of artists. So I've put together a short guide of tips that might help you secure the perfect bridal artist for you..

1. Ask friends/ family for recommendations

I always think this is a really good place to start if you have friends that are married as you can get a real time review of how their wedding morning went in terms of hair & makeup. It's especially handy if you have a similar style makeup preference to your friend/ family as you'll probably like their choice of makeup artist too.

2. Have a google & look on social media

If you've had no luck with personal recommendations or you don't know anyone whose married, your next port of call is probably the trusty google search and social media. I would say Instagram and Facebook are your best choices for finding someone on social media. If you're getting married/ ready in your local area then I would search 'Bridal Hair & Makeup Manchester' for example which should hopefully return some search results for you to browse through.

3. Take a look at reviews & their website

Before I would even consider contacting anyone, I would always check out an artist's website. You should be able to find testimonials, past bridal work and more information on services/ prices. When I go onto the website of a makeup artist, beautician or hairstylist, I can often get a feel of their style just from their branding, photography and their about me section. Some people you'll just instantly feel a connection with (as silly as this sounds). For me, I know I love soft, tousled, boho hair and glowing, clean, minimal makeup so anything that doesn't resonate with that, doesn't connect with me. Also, being able to read testimonials is a great way of getting to know the artist as reviews can speak volumes.

4. Contact your top wedding hair & makeup artists for more information

If you're at the point where you've narrowed your search down to a couple of artists you like, this is the perfect time to contact them for more information. I personally have a bridal makeup & hair brochure I will send out which covers everything a bride needs to know to help make their decision. So look for things like how your wedding morning will run, if this fits with how you want it to go. Obviously price is a big factor in your choice, so looking for someone within your budget. What I will say on this point is don't scrimp when it comes to your hair & makeup.. because it will be on your photos forever so you need to love the way you look! Furthermore, make sure the artist does makeup and hair in the style you want it. For example, if you're a vintage bride who loves 1920's style hair and winged liner with red lips, make sure the artist can do this before you pay for a trial to realise they may not be able to do what you're wanting. You'll usually get a feel for this in their bridal gallery anyway but just double check! Lastly, if there are terms & conditions/ a contract to sign, make sure you're happy with these before you book and pay your deposit.

5. Book in a trial

This might be an obvious one, but I still get brides who ask if they need a trial and I always advise they do have one. For various reasons, having a trial is imperative. It allows you to meet your makeup & hair artist prior to your wedding day and gives you the opportunity to see if your personalities gel. I personally am quite introverted, therefore I like a calming, relaxed environment so someone who is the opposite of this might not be my best choice of artist - and vice versa. Furthermore, a trial is good for the obvious reason - you get a practice run of your hair & makeup look so you know exactly what you'll look like on the day and are 100% happy with it. I usually suggest having a trial 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Hopefully if you've followed these tips, you'll have landed your perfect bridal hair & makeup artist for your big day!



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