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Real Weddings | A Bohemian Dream: Carrie's Boho Bridal Hair & Makeup in Liverpool

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Liverpool, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, iconic waterfront, and vibrant energy, set the stage for a wedding day that was anything but ordinary. Amidst the lively beat of the city, Carrie embarked on her journey to "I do" with a bohemian flair that perfectly captured the essence of her free-spirited soul. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Carrie's boho bridal hair and makeup, a tale that weaves together natural beauty, artistic inspiration, and the undeniable charm of Liverpool.

Carrie's Bridal Look: The Bohemian Muse

Picture this: a bride whose style exudes bohemian elegance – carefree, artistic, and beautifully unconventional. Carrie's bridal look was a masterpiece that celebrated her individuality while harmoniously blending with the city's soul.

Carrie's Boho Bridal Makeup

Makeup as a Canvas: The focus was on enhancing Carrie's natural features while infusing a touch of bohemian mystique. Soft, earthy tones were used to bring out her eyes, reminiscent of the rustic charm that's so emblematic of Liverpool's streets.

Whimsy and Romance: What's a boho bridal look without a hint of whimsy? Carrie's makeup artist added a delicate touch of shimmer to her eyelids, capturing the city's twinkling lights and the magic that dances through its streets after dusk.

Carrie's Boho Bridal Hair

Hair Woven by Nature: Carrie's hair was a true work of art. Tousled waves, adorned with delicate floral accents, created an ethereal yet undone vibe. The boho-chic up-do she chose was a tribute to her free spirit, capturing the essence of wildflowers that dance in the city's hidden corners. Carrie had some beautiful dried flower hair clips that came with her bouquet from Hidden Botanics - these absolutely made the hair style and I am completely obsessed.

As Carrie walked down the streets of Liverpool on her wedding day, she embodied the very spirit of the city – bold, artistic, and unapologetically unique. Her boho bridal hair and makeup were a reflection of her personality, a celebration of her love story, and a nod to the captivating energy of Liverpool. With each step, she proved that bridal beauty is not confined to conventions; it's an artistic expression that captures the heart of the individual and the soul of the surroundings.



Dried Florals: Hidden Botanics

Photography: FotoFika

Dress: Coast Bridal

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